Task manager

Always solve the right tasks at the right moment.


You can define an e-mail account for each folder. Every received email will be automatically converted into a new task. It is possile to communicate directly by emails through the comments.

Projects folder

Create a folder for each project, where you keep all completed tasks at one place.

Intelligent filters

With the help of filters, you can create your own overview of tasks waiting for you and your team.


For each folder, you can set up an escalation feature that will automatically alert you, if the task is not finished.

Available on all devices

You can use Lan Helpdesk on your notebook, tablet and even mobile phone.


You will always find what you are looking for.


Each task has its own discussion where the users communicate. Thanks to discussions, you have all your communication in one place.


You can generate a task report for a specified time period, solver and for each customer.


You can plan your tasks in a well arranged calendar. You always know which tasks you have planned for the day.

Intelligent task postponing

If you want to deal with a task later, just postpone it. The task will automatically change its status to „solve“, when the postponing time is up.

Tasks repetition

You can set a „repeat“ fubction for your task. After you complete the task, a new task will be created automatically, postponed by the time of its repetition.


For a better overview, you can categorize your tasks to your custom categorizes.