For the success of each company, it is necessary to complete many tasks. These are tasks you assign to yourself, or you get them from your colleagues or customers. Mostly you cooperate with other customers as well. LAN HELPDESK will help you to complete these tasks efficiently.

IT Companies

LAN HELPDESK will help IT companies or IT departments to list the tasks assigned by users. Within the comments to each task in LAN HELPDESK, IT support employees can communicate directly with those who assign the task. The advantage is that IT support employees could list the tasks as well, and so all employees have all their tasks at one place.

Project groups

People cooperate on huge amount of projects. LAN HELPDESK will help them to list the tasks and clearly cooperate at one place for the successful project finalization.

Web and marketing agencies

Web and marketing agencies work on many projects for many customers. LAN HELPDESK will help them complete the tasks for each project as planned.


Freelancers need to cooperate with current customer and sometimes with the previous customers as well. LAN HELPDESK will help them list, plan and do the work for each customer each month. With LAN HELPDESK they will be able to provide efficient long-term support and helpdesk even for finished projects.